Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Mara,

We collected Natalie and Craig from the Airport and on the way to JJ's we stopped to purchase Tusker T Shirts. That evening we had a nice dinner at the Purdy Arms and Craig and Natalie experienced camping at Jungle Junction.
The next day we Drove to the Masaai Mara and stopped for lunch at the Serova Mara Hotel. That night we camped at Mara West.
The next day we drove through the Mara but saw very little game. After lunch at the Serena Mara Hotel we found a couple of young lions in long grass just off the main road. Good spot Moz!!
The next day we left Mara West early and headed for Isibania the border between Kenya and Tanzania. From Isibania we headed for Tirame and then east to find Mugubu. We could not find this village on any maps or on Tracks 4 Africa. After getting lost and driving up and down a mountain pass we finally got some direction and off we went. At one point we asked for directions and a motorist asked for TS 10 000. I thought it was a fee to show us the way ..... The motorist drove off it was simply for telling us roughly which way to go. That is Africa.
Eventually we ran out of roads on Tracks 4 Africa but kept going. The road was bad and very slow going.
After 11 and a half hours we finally got to Serengeti Simba Hotel.
Tuesday 9 February we are off to the Serengeti.
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