Friday, 12 February 2016


The Serengeti entering from the west at Ikoma Gate and traveling down to the Seronera area was mainly quiet. We did find a hippo pool full of the beasts and this made for some interesting viewing.
We camped at Tumbili and were surprised how full the camp site was, nearly all safari operators with their paying guests. Clean ablutions with cold showers and the usual raids from baboons on our neighbours completed the day. We had a nice braai and Craig and Natalie were the first to sleep in the rooftop tent on the Mog.
The next day we set off to find the big herds. The Serengeti is very green and the grass very high and thick and all we could show for the mornings efforts were 6 lions.
We had a picnic lunch and set off to the south east for Nabi Hill Gate. Just before the gate we came across a very large herd of Zebra, maybe a few thousand. It was incredible. The Wildebeest were not to be seen in any great numbers. W managed to rescue some Game Scouts in their Landrover from a muddy ditch. The score is now 1 all.
We tried to find the Wildebeest near Ndutu but no luck. On our return the heavens opened. The roads were very slippery and Craig managed a 90 degree slide driving the Mog. He tried to reverse onto the Jeep track but we got stuck. No way forward or backward until a Landcruiser came to our rescue. So far 1 nil to the Landcruisers.
Tomorrow is another day as we head for Ngorongoro.
Just before leaving Nabi Hill Gate we again saw many thousands of Zebra, incredible. A little further down the road, Voila many thousands of Wildebeest a truly spectacular sight. These wildebeest had not yet started calving.
The drive to Ngorongoro was again slow going due to bumpy roads. No problem to the tourist vehicles, their drivers simply whizz by.
Bad news awaited us at Ngorongoro. The Mog was not allowed down into the Crater.
We quickly found a local driver and vehicle for our day in the Crater. Game on !
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