Saturday, 27 February 2016

Delay in going Home

Bad news. The front left wheel bearing failed again and in the process damaged the drive gear. Have spoken to Willem and as usual he has kindly offered to supply spares.
Rodney is again helping with the DHL part of the equation and Dieter has offered to do the running around. Thanks all. We will be doing something for a few days that we are not good at ..... nothing just relaxing. Eish that will be hard.
We are at Utengule Lodge and Campsite. This is part of a coffee estate in the foothills just outside Mbeya in the south of Tanzania (100 km from Tanduma, the border with Zambia). We are parked on the edge of a helipad so will be easy to fly in spares hehehe.
We could not have picked a better spot.

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